The universal traceability platform

Track on-site work, processes and assets with QR codes and/or IoT-devices.

Choose a tracker

IoT devices

Connected buttons are accessible by anyone in the world. No smartphone required. No excuses.
Can last up to 6 years on batteries.

Standard QR codes (Qod)

The simpliest and cheapest solution of the market.
No App required.
Secured by PIN code and Geolocation.

Dynamic QR codes (S-Qod)

An exclusive Skiply patent to ensure that people scanning the code are effectivly where they pretend to be.

Configure it

Qods and IoT-button can be customized for your needs.

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Don't want to share your position?
Refuse the geolocation on your device.

Connect to your I.T.

Ubiqod sends data to your favorite cloud, using certified integrations and connectors.

Connector for Microsoft Power AutomateZapier integration for QR codestraceability for Google Sheetintegration with FlexioQR code App for

Enjoy the no-code experience

You don't need to be a developer to build an amazing traceability App with Ubiqod.

QR codes are created automatically by the platform, and IoT-devices are ready to use.

Screenshot of the QR codes configuration

One platform, many possibilities

Ubiqod is a universal tracking platform: you can use it for hundreds of different use cases.

People tracking

Following the activity of remote workers is not easy.
With Ubiqod, you can check in real time what's going on in the field and automate time tracking collection and reporting.

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Process & asset tracking

Our customers use Ubiqod both to monitor their vehicle fleet and to ensure the traceability of industrial welds or administrative processes.

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On demand services

Ubiqod allows you to use IoT buttons and QR codes to automate service requests. Remember the Amazon dashboard button? Ubiqod can do better.

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