Use "QR code item tracking" App

This App enables to create tracking QR codes for each item of your board. Print the QR code and use it for:

  • Tracking an order or an asset status:

    • Update a status column of an item by first scanning its QR code, and then the QR code of the targeted status – generated by the integrated board view.
    • Update a text column of an item by first scanning its QR code, and then the QR code of a Custom tag - created in the Ubiqod platform.
  • Managing your stock inventory:

    • Update the stock quantity of your parts by first scanning their QR code, and then specifying the stock value.

If you only need to generate a QR Code that opens the item edition window in the mobile App, simply add the item View “QR Code Link To Item” to your board. You don’t need to follow this tutorial or to register for a Ubiqod account in that case.

See the video here:

Before you start: requirements

Before your start to use this App, you need to:

Take care not to install twice the App, it may generate authentication problems and malfunctions.

Update a status column (item tracking)

Create a board

You can start your own board, or use the included board template:

Ubiqod Template in

Add the recipe to the board

In your board, add the integration: “Skiply – QR Code Item Tracking”:

Ubiqod Integration in

Choose the first recipe (on the left):

Ubiqod Recipe in

When you add the recipe for the first time, you have to confirmed required authorization.

Configure the recipe by choosing the "file" column where the App will create the tracking QR Code for each new item.

Now, when you add a new item to the board, a tracking QR code is created in the previously selected "file" column. If you want to track an order, you can print this code and place it in the order basket or on the order form.

It can take up to 10 seconds for the QR code to be generated.

Create your status QR codes

Define the different status and add the “QR Code status view" to your board:

The view generates one tab per status column and for each status column, one QR code by status value.

You can adjust the display size of the code.

To copy a QR code, click on it and copy or download the image. You can also use the “Print the code” button to print QR codes.

How does it work?

To update an item status, first scan the item tracking code: you will land to a page with an integrated scanner.

The first time you use it, you must authorize the access to your camera.

Then, just scan the corresponding status code: the item status updates!

Update a text column (item tracking)

If you want to update a "text" column you have to use "Custom tags" in the Ubiqod platform.

Add the recipe to the board

Add the related recipe to the board: choose the second recipe (the one mentioning the possibility to update "place").

Ubiqod Recipe in

Configure the recipe by choosing the "text" column that must be updated by Custom tag values.

Create your Custom tags

Create your Custom tags in the Ubiqod platform:

Ubiqod Integration in

The Custom tag label will be used to update the "text" column selected in the recipe:

  • First scan the item tracking QR code
  • Then, scan your freshly created Custom tag.

The second recipe is able to deal with both modes. You can either update a "status" column (by scanning a status QR code) or a "text" one (by scaning a Custom tag QR code).

Be careful: do not use both recipes on the same board, nor on the same "file" column.

Update a numeric column (inventory tracking)

Setup your Site and Dispatch group

Connect to your Ubiqod account and create a new Site: name it, enter its address and then click "Geocode it" to get GPS coordinates.

Select the "Dispatch groups" menu and create a new group. It will be used to dispatch data to your board.

Add the QR code creation recipe

In your board, add the integration: “Skiply – QR Code for Inventory”:

Ubiqod Integration in

Choose one of the recipe that generates inventory QR codes (when an item is created or when button is pressed):

Ubiqod Recipe in

When you add the recipe for the first time, you have to confirmed required authorization.

Configure the recipe by choosing the "file" column where the App will create the inventory QR Code for each new item.

Select the Ubiqod Site and Dispatch group previously created.

Finally, decide whether you want to work with or without geofencing. If yes, whenever you submit a stock quantity after scanning the inventory QR code, your GPS location is required. Ubiqod checks if your position corresponds to the site area. In case your are not on site when scanning or if you do not allow to share your position, the value is not updated.

It can take up to 10 seconds for the QR code to be generated.

Add the update recipe

Add the recipe that enables to update stock when an Inventory Qod sends a message:

Ubiqod Recipe in

Now, you can print QR codes and place them on your racks!

How does it work?

Whenever you create a new part reference in your board, a new Inventory Qod is automatically created in the Ubiqod platform.

It is linked to the Site and Dispatch group setup in the recipe and has geofencing enabled or not (wether your recipe is configured with or without geofencing).

To update a stock value, first scan the corresponding inventory QR code: you will land to a page with a numeric keypad. Then, enter the new stock value and validate: the quantity updates!

If you do not want to share your position, you can refuse the geolocation on your device. But if geofencing is enabled and that you refuse to share your position, the value will not be updated!

Delete an item of the inventory

Whenever you want to delete an item in, do not forget to first take not of its ID and then delete the corrsponding Inventory Qod in the Ubiqod plateform.

Troubleshooting & limitations

Using an iPhone

If you are using an iPhone, we recommend to use Safari as Apple restricts access to webkit to third-party browsers.

Browser translator

We recommand to disable the browser translator to avoid any malfunction when installing the App.

One Ubiqod account and several users

If several users of your company want to use the "Skiply QR code Item tracking" App in their board, each one needs his own Ubiqod user account.

2 possibilities:

  • If you do not need to share Ubiqod assets and credits with other users: create one separate Ubiqod account for each user
  • If you need a Business account to connect multiple users and share Ubiqod assets and credits: first create a separate account for each user, then contact us to associate users to the Business account (send us a request at

During the Ubiqod registration process, do not forget to validate your email.

No QR codes are generated in the file column

This problem may occur when different users use the same Ubiqod account. To solve the problem:

  • Delete from the board all recipes relative to the App
  • Log out of the shared Ubiqod account
  • Read "One Ubiqod and several users" above instructions, to create different user accounts or a Business account depending on your requirements
  • Then, you can add again the recipe to your board (use your own Ubiqod account)

The inventory value does not update

2 possibilities:

  • Geofencing is enabled for the corresponding Inventory Qod and you did not allow to share your position on your mobile phone when scanning the QR code: stock update is not taken into account.

When you setup the inventory recipe in, you specify if geofencing is enabled or not. If you decide to modify this configuration while QR codes are already created, the geofencing option of these previously created QR codes will not be modified.

You have to delete inventory QR codes of items and re-create them. Do not forget to also delete corresponding Inventory Qods in the Ubiqod platform. Ubiqod Integration in

Ubiqod Integration in