New Ubiqod features

3-17-2021 - Points of Feedback: QR code satisfaction surveys

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Now you can create and manage free customer surveys, for an unlimited number of QR codes.

Go to the "Points of Feedback" menu, and set up your customer survey in real-time and in context in less than 2 minutes!

You can place these "Feedback Points" at strategic points in the customer journey, and thus improve your service quality without fear for your online reputation.

The paid version offers additional features, such as smart redirection, to present different contents according to the level of satisfaction of the users: to a public review site when they are satisfied, or to a promotional page for others.

2-18-2021 - Productivity: templates for Custom Qods

Many users have reported that it is painfull to create a large number of Custom Qods, especially when you want an identical configuration. Use template to create QR codes With templates, you can now create for one Site as many Qods as you want from a saved configuration.

This dramatically improves productivity on the platform.

2-10-2021 - New Tracker: Ubiqod Key

Ubiqod Key is an e-ink QR code that changes every 1 or 10 minutes, in order to secure a proof of presence when scanning it.

You can now use it the same way you are using Custom Qods or IoT-devices.

2-2-2021 - New Qod Action: url redirections

The platform already provides connectors to third-party applications. But some users have expressed an interest in redirecting QR codes directly to external interfaces like TypeForm, Google Form or their own endpoints. Redirect QR codes to custom urls Redirect to a page is now available among the selectable actions for a Qod.

More than a classic url redirection, Ubiqod allows you to embeds Qods metadata as url parameters, in order to use them for example in hidden form fields.