This price list applies to users of Ubiqod platform using

It does not apply to the v2 platform available at

If you are using webhooks or Google Sheets connectors, we recommend you to switch to the new platform as soon as possible (you can contact the support if you need assistance to migrate your data and transfer your credits).

How does it work?

To use the platform, you need credits. Each service consumes these credits according to this price list.

Prices are valid regardless of the use of the QR code or the device (same if you scan a QR code one time per day or 100 times per day).

  • Purchased credits do not expire. However, the number of credits per service may change.
  • Free credits expire at the end of each month.

Credit value

Quantity 1,000 10,000 50,000
Price per credit € 0.15 € 0.075 € 0.045
Total price € 150 € 750 € 2,275
Buy Buy Buy

Free credits

Each month, your Ubiqod account is credited with 100 free credits.

Free credits apply according to below price tables.

These credits are not cumulative: free credits remaining at the end of the month are lost.

Trackers and Points of Feedback (see next section for users)

Service Free credits Cost Notes
Custom Qods (standard QR code) yes 1 credit per day and per Qod, debited every day**
Ubiqod Key (epaper QR code) no 1 credit per day and per device, debited every day**
IoT-devices (connected buttons) no ask for a quote Includes device communication fees**
Points of Feedback with custom redirects (QR codes)* yes 1 credit per day and per Point, debited every day**

* Points of Feedback with standard redirects are free.

Service Free credits Cost Notes
Tracking QR code or link yes 1 credit for each tracking code or link generated Recipes that create a link and a QR code at the same time are counted as one credit. Applicable from 2021. Tracking code / link validity: 1 year
URL link to item yes 1 credit for each link generated Applicable from 2021. Tracking code / link validity: 1 year
Inventory Qods yes 2 credits for 30 days per Qod, debited every 30 days**
Item view ‘QR Code link to Item’ - Free forever

** Credits are debited within 24 hours of Qods creation. In case of service interruption due to lack of credits, Qods will be reactivated within 24 hours from the recharge.

See limits and quotas

This pricing applies from June 16, 2022.