Track maintenance on assets

Periodic inspection of industrial equipments is a major issue for the safety of employee and the reliability of production lines. Your Quality, Health & Safety manager must ensure that control operations are carried out on time in accordance with regulations.

Ubiqod allows you to follow-up carried out operations, by guaranteeing the technician has came to the site and by providing the type of control done.

When an inspector conducts a technical check, he starts his mission by scanning the tracking QR code stuck on the equipment. A form allows him to enter the category of the control he has to perform, then to enter his supplier identification code. Ubiqod also retrieves the inspector's GPS position and checks if it is consistent with the one setup for the equipment.

Your manager can receive these notifications by email or directly in his equipment tracking tool.

Setup your Sites

Create one or more Sites corresponding to the different places where your asset is installed.
The GPS position of Sites will permit to check if the inspector was really on site when scanning the Qod.

You can manage several assets on the same Site: simply affects the same Site to several Qods.

Setup your control Action list

Create your different lists of control types (one per type of asset):

  • Monthly control
  • First year control
  • Five years control
  • On-demand maintenance
  • ...

Setup your supplier PIN Code list

Create your supplier PIN code list to attribute a PIN code to each supplier.

You can also decide to manage supplier codes in your app. In that case, do not configure such a code list, Ubiqod will simply send the code entered which you can then process in your application to identify the supplier.

Setup your Qods

Create a Qod for each asset:

  • Use the asset identifier to name the Qod
  • Select the Site corresponding to the location of the asset
  • Select the Qod Action 'Select an option in a list' and the corresponding list of control types
  • Ensure GPS Qod Condition is checked
  • Check "Ask user to enter a PIN code" (optionally select the supplier PIN code list)
  • Print the Qod and paste it on the asset!

Anytime an inspector will scan the Qod, he will be asked to select the control type performed and to enter his PIN code. Ubiqod will check if the inspector GPS coordinates are coherents with those of the Site he is supposed to be. Then, time stamped information will be transmitted.

Dispatch data to your App

Time stamped data can be for example dipatched:

  • to an Excel file: read this tutorial to learn how to connect Ubiqod and Microsoft PowerAutomate.
  • to your Quality manager by email: read this tutorial to learn how to send data by email through Zapier.